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Hey you! I'm so glad you're here.

First things first, I want you to know that you are not broken. You've been doing your best considering everything you've been through. I get it. You just need to shine a little light where it's been dark for so long.


The thing is, we've all experienced wounding to one degree or another. That's one of the biggest misconceptions about trauma: it's not about the event that happens TO you, it's about what happens WITHIN you in response to the event. It's about the pain of the disconnection that takes place. In response, our brains try to protect us from ever experiencing that pain again. That self-protection often results in acting out cyclical patterns of behavior that leave us feeling defective, like overthinking, lashing out, people-pleasing, and hiding our true self from the world. Maybe it's gotten to a point where you're not even sure who the true you is anymore.


I know because I've been there, and I'm here to help you move through the emotions so that you can reconnect to your true essence; the self that's buried beneath all the social programming. Under all the coping strategies and protection mechanisms that we call our personalities. 

I know you've previously thought that this is just how your mind works, and how you'll be forever. I'm here to hold the light to your potential for change. I've not only gone through it myself, but have witnessed my clients let go of anxiety, move through deep levels of grief, get radically honest with themselves, and emerge with a completely new set of beliefs and behaviors. 


Let's thank those old mechanisms for keeping us safe, but it's time to choose a different story. I'm here to hold space for your revolution. 


What is Andrea's role?


My role is to support your healing journey by bringing to light the unconscious stories you've been telling yourself in order to help you release and transform. Due to the individualized nature of this work, this program is tailored to your specific needs. As the guide, I am here to open the door - but you will need to walk through it.

This growth process is not always comfortable. I am here to challenge your existing perceptions and help you reframe your behaviors through the lens of compassion. My purpose is to interrupt your recurring patterns and help you piece together the puzzle of why you are the way you are. Self-awareness is the foundation that we build on. 

I'm here to be your mirror on this path of self-discovery. I’m able to see your truth and call forward your potential because I’ve done the inner work myself. This program was born from my own awakening, and now I'm on a mission to help others find the same liberation from the prisons within their mind.


If you are...

... Ready to begin your healing journey but aren't sure where to start

... Further along in your journey but still haven't experienced the transformative shifts you desire

... Holding onto unprocessed feelings of anxiety, grief, and anger that you're ready to release

... Craving a deeper connection to yourself and your environment

...  Looking to increase your self-awareness and emotional resilience in order to move forward

... Seeking robust resources on introducing psilocybin mushrooms as a catalyst for healing

... Committed to breaking the generational cycle of trauma

... Ready to own your life in a new way and end your people-pleasing tendencies once and for all

... Looking for an alternative to the traditional therapeutic model

... At a point where you're tired of your own behavior and ready to take control of your emotional wellbeing

Then you're in the right place!

What's included?
  • Twelve 1:1 calls. We'll meet once per week on Zoom (3-month program) 

  • Texting and voice note support in-between calls (M-F, during PDT business hours)

  • Weekly assignments and resources based on what we're working through, including guided meditations, breathwork, tools for self-regulation, journaling prompts, informative readings and videos, book recommendations, and reflective exercises.

  • A comprehensive plan to meet you where you're at when it comes to utilizing psilocybin mushrooms for healing purposes. Although I will not be supplying any substances during this online program, I provide education and support around preparation and integration for both microdosing and larger dose journeys.

The Mind to Heart Method is designed to help you disconnect from your recurring thought patterns and get more in tune with your feelings.

Healing is a process. It takes time, commitment, and loads of self-compassion. 

There is only so far you can go on your own. True healing happens in relationship when you allow yourself to be fully seen and heard.

You are not defined by your anxiety or trauma responses. You are more than capable of transformation. 

You deserve to be held and supported on this journey. You are worth it.

** Please note, if the idea of a discovery call makes you uncomfortable because, anxiety, duh - feel free to reach out via DM and I can answer any questions there instead.

It would be an honour to work beside you as you embark on this journey. 

Client Reviews

"This experience has been extremely eye-opening and liberating. I was very disconnected from myself and anxious at the beginning of the program. I was having a difficult time taking part in life and dissociating often. This journey with Andrea has helped me become self-aware, recognize my emotions and needs, and how to implement boundaries. As we go deeper I'm able to see how everything is connected and that if you don't allow yourself to feel the "bad", you won't fully be allowing yourself to feel the good. Andrea's kindness and compassion are unlike anyone else I've worked with on my healing journey. It has been an incredible, crucial step in my healing."

       - Tasha P. 

"I can truly say that meeting Andrea was a gift from the universe. From the moment we began our 1st session I felt safe and felt a deep sense of compassion. 
My life made a complete 180 degree turn at the beginning of the pandemic. I lost essentially every main pillar of my life and I was finding refuge in an emotionally abusive relationship. My depression and anxiety began to consume me and my traumas were controlling my every moment, both awake and asleep. While at what I consider my lowest season, I met Andrea. I would not be making it through each day without the unconditional love and support from her. 

I have tried CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) in the past and never found it to be effective. I’d never partaken in a mind-body program before, and feeling I had exhausted all other options, I decided to take the plunge and join Andrea's Mind to Heart Method program. Andrea has helped open my heart and coached me through navigating deep wounds that I didn’t even realize existed; wounds that have been playing a major part in the way I live my life now. She showed me how to look within myself and feel the sensations of the emotions that were becoming overpowering predictors of my life. I’ve learned how to hold space with all my emotions and am beginning to learn how to utilize this space with self-compassion. I plan to continue learning more about myself with Andrea's help going forward. This program, and this wonderful woman, changed my life."

       - Brittany Silverstein 

"This program has had a huge impact on my healing journey. I felt stuck before I started working with Andrea. I had been seeing a psychologist for a number of years and on an anti-depressant for 2 years. I had no idea where to go from this point because even though I was taking all the “right steps” (therapy, medication, etc) I still didn’t feel like I was progressing. When I began working with Andrea is when I felt that my true healing journey had begun. I have seen a psychologist on and off for 10 years. When working with a psychologist I often felt like I was gossiping or emotionally dumping the past month of my life into a cram-packed hour. Now I feel as though I am working through (processing) my trauma and my issues, and at the same time, building an arsenal of resources and tools to deal with my anxiety.

I'd recommend this program to anyone looking to understand themselves better." 

     - Jamie


There's more to life than just survival.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program? 

  • Mind to Heart Method is a 3-month container

Are there payment plans available? 

  • Yes! I will do my best to accommodate all budgets. I'm happy to discuss extended payment plans to make the program more accessible. Let's find a plan that works for you!

What if I’ve never been in therapy?

  • That’s ok! I meet you where you’re at, and this isn’t therapy. If you’re brand new to healing, or if you’re further along in the process, you can still apply to this program. The important thing is that you're committed to the journey. This is not the kind of program you can sign up for and then not show up. 

What is the purpose of the discovery call?

  • It's a chance for you to get a better sense of my energy and make sure it's the right fit from both sides. During the discovery call, I'll ask you why you're interested in the Mind to Heart Method and what goals you have for your healing journey in order to ensure I'm the right guide for you. It's also a no-pressure opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have. 

This work has truly changed my life and I am so excited for you to experience this level of genuine transformation. 


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