Hey you! I'm so glad you're here.

First things first, I want you to know that you are not broken. You've been doing your best considering everything you've been through. I get it. You just need to shine a little light where it's been dark for so long.


What happened is, somewhere along the way, you got hurt. Your brain then tried to keep you safe from ever experiencing that pain again. Now in an attempt to protect yourself, you're acting out cyclical patterns of unwanted behavior like overthinking, lashing out in anger, putting yourself down, and refusing to let anyone get close enough to truly see you. Maybe it's gotten to a point where you don't even see yourself.

Today we are saying thank you to that part of us for keeping us safe, but it's time to choose a different story. 


What is Andrea's role?


My role is to support your healing journey by helping you uncover the root cause of what's keeping you stuck and giving you the tools to release and transform. Due to the individualized nature of trauma and healing, this program is tailored to your specific needs. As the guide, I am here to open the door - but you will need to walk through it.

This growth process is not always comfortable. I am here to challenge your perceptions and hold space for deep work. My purpose is to interrupt your recurring patterns and help you step into the true story of your worth.

I'm here to be your mirror on this path of self-discovery.

If you are...

... Wanting to take your healing more seriously but are overwhelmed and aren't sure where to start

... Consistently trying different approaches like movement and meditation but still feeling a bit stuck 

... Having difficulty expressing your needs or setting boundaries with those closest to you

... Constantly coming up against self-doubt and a lack of self-love

... Suffering due to feelings of anxiety, fear, and anger 

... Craving a deeper connection to yourself and your purpose

... Seeking robust resources on introducing psilocybin or other psychedelics to your healing journey

Then you're in the right place!

What's included?
  • 1-hour weekly Zoom calls 

  • Daily messaging support and safe space to ask questions

  • At least one new resource per week, including guided meditations, breathwork, tools for self-regulation, journaling prompts, educational readings and videos, book recommendations, and reflective exercises 

  • Monthly group calls for integration where all mentees gather to connect in community, reflect on challenges, and support one another in their healing endeavors

  • A comprehensive plan to meet you where you're at when it comes to utilizing psilocybin mushrooms for healing purposes. Although I will not be supplying any substances, I provide education and support around preparation and integration for both microdosing and larger dose journeys.

The Mind to Heart Method is designed to help you disconnect from your recurring thought patterns and get more in tune with your feelings.

Healing is a process. It takes time, commitment, and loads of self-compassion. 

There is only so far you can go on your own. True healing happens in relationship when you allow yourself to be fully seen and heard.

You are not defined by your anxiety or trauma responses. You are more than capable of transformation. 

You deserve to be held and supported on this journey. You are worth it.

** Please note, if the idea of a discovery call makes you uncomfortable because, anxiety, duh - feel free to reach out via DM and I can answer any questions there instead.

It would be an honour to work beside you as you embark on this journey. 

Client Review

How would you describe your experience working with Andrea?
"Extremely eye-opening and liberating. I was very disconnected from myself and anxious at the beginning of the program. I was having a difficult time taking part in life and dissociating often. This journey with Andrea has helped me become self-aware, recognize my emotions and needs, and how to implement boundaries. It's been an incredible, crucial step in my healing."


Has there been any specific breakthrough that you've found most valuable?
"Honestly, everything so far has been very valuable for me. As we go deeper I'm able to see how everything is connected and that if you don't allow yourself to feel the bad/ugly you won't be fully allowing yourself to feel the good. And that boundaries are self-respect!"


Who would you recommend to work with Andrea in the future? 

"Anyone who needs some guidance. Andrea's kindness and compassion are unlike anyone else I've worked with on my healing journey."

- Tasha P. 


How long is the program? 

  • Mind to Heart Method is a 12-week commitment. 

Are there payment plans available? 

  • Yes! I want to accommodate all budgets which is why I offer monthly payment plans with no additional interest. 

What if I’ve never been in therapy?

  • That’s ok! I meet you where you’re at, and this isn’t therapy. If you’re brand new to healing, or if you’re further along in the process, you can still apply to this program.