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Wild & Worthy Woman

3 month group program

The wild worthy woman is a seeker.

Just by being in her full power, she activates those around her.

There’s an energy to her that is palpable. An energy that can only come from deeply knowing oneself. She takes pleasure in her own presence. 

She shamelessly owns her story and allows herself to be seen. 

She trusts that she is innately worthy. 

Her roots run deep. She knows how to listen to her body and express herself openly and creatively. 

She’s fluid like water. She chooses softness over tension. Flow over resistance. 

She does not shrink down. She’s far too multidimensional for the tiny box they once tried to put her in. 

She’s in tune with her heart, her emotions, and her desire. 

She embodies the grace and compassion of the quintessential mother, yet she’s fiery as hell. 

She lives unapologetically as herself. 

She accepts radical responsibility for her life and yet is clearly co-creating with some greater power.

She has potent gifts to share with the world and is ready to invalidate any story that says she isn’t good enough. 

She’s not interested in the conventional route. She’s here to forge her own path. 

The opinions of others do not phase her. 

She courageously leans into the edges of what she previously believed was possible for her. 

She is constantly releasing and shedding layers of old programming to come back into union with her core, authentic self. 

Each time she releases an old story she steps further into the realm of limitless possibility. 

Creation is playtime. The world is hers. 

Wild & Worthy Woman is my 3-month group program

for women who want to experience a new level of depth in their life.

This program is an activation. An initiation. You will have the confidence and the self-belief to move towards your desires while upgrading your frequency to magnetize them towards you. We are here for quantum healing and quantum growth - collapsing time & space. We’re going to do it through self-discovery, sisterhood, storytelling, creativity, somatic embodiment, & pleasure!

After connecting with many women over the last 3 years as a coach & mentor, a core theme I've noticed is that many are disconnected from their true authentic essence. Stuck putting everyone else's needs before their own. Afraid to truly be present in their body. Hiding behind a mask that they present to the world. Struggling to break out of old patterns, speak their needs, or claim their desires. 

I'm calling in these women to rise.

To draw a line in the sand. 

To claim: this ends here. I will not allow the cycle to continue.

To choose bravery. 

To reclaim their feminine energy. 

Because this is the work that matters. 

It's your legacy. 

And I know some part of you is convinced that you have to be hyper-independent and lone wolf it,

but the truth is, you don't.

What would it be like if you allowed yourself to receive support?

To claim that you're worthy of it?

Because this journey gets to be SO much more fun when you do it together in sisterhood. 

So, who are you?

You are on the verge of a major transition in your life. Stepping into your true identity, wanting to feel fully empowered and tuned in with your desires. Maybe that feels outside your comfort zone - that’s good. It should feel stretchy. It’s exciting, it’s new, and it’s expansive. 

You're here to create more freedom, more spaciousness, and more liberation to be whomever you desire to be going forward. 


You identify as a creative, a meaning seeker, you see life through a spiritual lens.

Perhaps you’ve been leading your work from the masculine energy of do more, push, compete and strive - which has been rewarded because of the masculine-driven society that we live in, but it’s left you feeling depleted. 

Maybe you’ve tried to start a new project or business but you’ve come up against stories of - I’m not enough, I’m not smart enough, etc. and you’re ready to choose a new worldview. 

You’re ready to get beyond your past conditioning. 

You know there’s something bigger inside of you that is just waiting to be unleashed. What would it be like to allow that wild woman to come online? To wake her up?

To truly know yourself, to reclaim your radiance, to receive instead of endlessly give, to connect in sisterhood with other women committed to their highest evolution. 


You don’t want to keep living life under someone else’s rules or blueprint, you want to pave your own way.

You’re ready to get out of the void of indecision and “maybes” 

You want DEPTH in your life. Life has felt pretty shallow and you know you’re here to experience more. 

You want the tools to find the answers within yourself instead of seeking validation from outside sources.

You want to be able to say NO when something is not aligned for you and feel secure in yourself to assertively set boundaries. 

You want the confidence and self-belief to move towards your goals - financial or otherwise. 


You will leave this program with a completely new lens through which you see the world. With a new relationship to your emotions and your body. With a newfound sense of clarity and confidence within yourself that you didn’t even realize was available to you. You will finally know without a doubt that anything you aspire to create is available to you. 

Some of what we'll be covering:


In order to gain clarity on who you're here to be, you must first dissolve whatever is in the way of seeing your authentic truth.

You are going to learn tools that work on a somatic & subconscious level so that you can truly to get to the root of what's holding you back, heal old patterns, and work through emotions in a healthy way instead of avoiding them.

You will uncover blocks that you didn't even realize existed in order to let go of everything that isn't you - all the constraints, the resentment, the unworthiness - and from that clear space you can consciously create a new story and express your unique flavour of the Wild & Worthy Woman. 


When you start with the inner work, that’s when you can truly build something that is fulfilling and nourishing. We’ve gotta start at the root. When we do this first, we can truly create from a place of joy and desire rather than feeling like we "should" or "have to." 

Embodying the New Story

It's time to elevate your standards so you can say NO to what you're no longer available for.

Restoring connection to your own intuition so that you can lead from a place of decidedness - moving beyond imposter syndrome and self-doubt, stepping into your full power and self-worth. Full F*ck YES energy!

++ SO much more. Think sisterhood, integrating pleasure with the deep work to make it FUN, activating your magnetism, and moving into grounded confidence in yourself and your gifts. 


Tasha Pruden, @aliss.hatas

Stephanie Stanley, @theconformed

I went into WWW looking for a supportive container that would help me move closer to achieving some of my professional goals, and guidance around connecting to my femininity and becoming more embodied.

What I received from this program went so much deeper than that.

Andrea has a true gift at holding space that is difficult to describe until you’ve experienced it for yourself. While always remaining compassionate and meeting you where you’re at, she has a real skill at highlighting blind spots and subconscious beliefs that are holding you back – essentially calling you out on your bullshit but in the most loving and non-judgmental way.

Andrea not only has a natural gift that makes you instantly feel safe in her coaching container, but she also has an arsenal of tools that she has accrued (and continues to do so) that make coaching with her so valuable, not least training in Internal Family Systems and Compassionate Inquiry, and being coached by Peter Crone himself.

Through the course of WWW, I learned about deep seated inner fears that hold me back, how I can develop trust in myself and move forward even despite these fears, the importance of respecting and honouring my feminine energy (especially in my relationship), how it is not only OK but CRUCIAL to explore our truest desires if we are to create the life we want, and so much more!

Not to mention, being connected to such powerful, inspiring women – who each taught me so much – in such an intentional, supportive container gave me the strength and motivation to take action on things that mattered to me and made me feel safe to express my truest self during the sessions.

I could write 1,000 more words on how amazing WWW is but I’ll stop there. Thank you, Andrea, for your grace, for your compassion, for your honesty, and for doing this work!


Mags Tanev, @magstanev

Sophie Nündel, @sophienuendel 


For Christmas 2022 we had an in-person Wild & Worthy meet-up and it was incredible to meet these sisters in real life


If you desire to make 2023 YOUR year for transformation, 


I'll be guiding you as we move step by step through ALL the tools you need to deeply know yourself so you can step fully into your authentic expression and squeeze the most juice out of life!

We'll be starting this 3-month journey within the first week of February -

(I take everyone's availability into consideration to make sure we find a time that we can all attend LIVE)

You can expect:

  • Intimate container of likeminded women (12 spaces max)

  • DAILY support in a private group chat

  • Weekly calls + bonus Q&A's + multiple guest facilitators

  • Lifetime access to all recordings

  • Weekly resources + reflection

  • At least one new best friend

What really makes W&W different from any other program of its kind is that it's not just learning modules and maybe one Q&A, it's a co-created experience that's more like a mastermind - super high touch, small group, tons of prompts for sharing, open coaching, and flexibility to flow with the unique needs of the group. I keep the group small to make sure that you all have space to be seen & heard. 

Once you sign up, you receive an in-depth intake form which is what I review to make sure everyone is getting what they need out of this program. I am truly in your corner!

START DATE: VALENTINE'S DAY! February 14th, 2023



note: payment plans are available

Early bird: $2700 (save $300!)

(3-month payment plan: $900/month) 

Have questions? Email or send us a DM over on Instagram @uglygrowth

You are going to leave this container knowing that you can create whatever tf you want. It's magical!

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