Wild & Worthy Woman

3 month group program

The wild worthy woman is a seeker.

Just by being in her full power, she activates those around her.

There’s an energy to her that is palpable. An energy that can only come from deeply knowing oneself. She takes pleasure in her own presence. 

She shamelessly owns her story and allows herself to be seen. 

She trusts that she is innately worthy. 

Her roots run deep. She knows how to listen to her body and express herself openly and creatively. 

She’s fluid like water. She chooses softness over tension. Flow over resistance. 

She does not shrink down. She’s far too multidimensional for the tiny box they once tried to put her in. 

She’s in tune with her heart, her emotions, and her desire. 

She embodies the grace and compassion of the quintessential mother, yet she’s fiery as hell. 

She lives unapologetically as herself. 

She accepts radical responsibility for her life and yet is clearly co-creating with some greater power.

She has potent gifts to share with the world and is ready to invalidate any story that says she isn’t good enough. 

She’s not interested in the conventional route. She’s here to forge her own path. 

The opinions of others do not phase her. 

She courageously leans into the edges of what she previously believed was possible for her. 

She is constantly releasing and shedding layers of old programming to come back into union with her core, authentic self. 

Each time she releases an old story she steps further into the realm of limitless possibility. 

Creation is playtime. The world is hers. 

Wild & Worthy Woman is my 3-month group program

for women who want to experience a new level of depth in their life.

This program is an activation. An initiation. You will have the confidence and the self-belief to move towards your desires while upgrading your frequency to magnetize them towards you. We are here for quantum healing and quantum growth - collapsing time & space. We’re going to do it through self-discovery, sisterhood, storytelling, creativity, somatic embodiment, & pleasure!

After connecting with many women over this last year I’m starting to notice a pattern: 

The majority are disconnected from their true authentic essence. They are hiding behind a mask that they present to the world. Disconnected from desire, from play, and from their own unique creative gifts. 


In my work I’ve realized that real transformation starts with the internal shift. We can change our job, change our relationships, change the city we live in - but until we reconcile what’s within, we will continue to attract the same circumstances. 

So, who are you?

You are on the verge of a major transition in your life. Stepping into your true identity, wanting to feel fully empowered and tuned in with your desires. Maybe that feels outside your comfort zone - that’s good. It should feel stretchy. It’s exciting, it’s new, and it’s expansive. 

You're here to create more freedom, more spaciousness, and more liberation to be whomever you desire to be going forward. 


You identify as a creative, a meaning seeker, you see life through a spiritual lens.

Perhaps you’ve been leading your work from the masculine energy of do more, push, compete and strive - which has been rewarded because of the masculine-driven society that we live in, but it’s left you feeling depleted. 

Maybe you’ve tried to start a new project or business but you’ve come up against stories of - I’m not enough, I’m not smart enough, etc. and you’re ready to choose a new worldview. 

You’re ready to get beyond your past conditioning. 

You know there’s something bigger inside of you that is just waiting to be unleashed. What would it be like to allow that wild woman to come online? To wake her up?

To truly know yourself, to reclaim your radiance, to receive instead of just give all the time, to connect in sisterhood.


You don’t want to keep living life under someone else’s rules or blueprint, you want to pave your own way.

You’re ready to get out of the void of indecision and “maybes” 

You want DEPTH in your life. Life has felt pretty shallow and you know you’re here to experience more. 

You want the tools to find the answers within yourself instead of seeking validation from outside sources.

You want to be able to say NO when something is not aligned for you and feel secure in yourself to assertively set boundaries. 

You want the confidence and self-belief to move towards your goals - financial or otherwise. 


You will leave this program with a completely new lens through which you see the world. With a new relationship to your emotions and your body. With a newfound sense of clarity and confidence within yourself that you didn’t even realize was available to you. You will finally know without a doubt that anything you aspire to create is available to you. 

Some of what we'll be covering:


In order to gain clarity on who we're here to be, we’ve got to dissolve whatever is in the way of seeing our own truth. 

We are going to learn tools to actually heal old patterns, and work through emotions in a healthy way instead of avoiding them. This is not the space for untouched big-T trauma processing, this is for people who have a baseline level of self-awareness and they’re ready to really step beyond their pain story and create a new operating system. 

You will connect with your authentic self by letting go of everything that isn't you - all the constraints, the resentment, the unworthiness. It's time for them to go. You will feel clear on the patterns that have previously held you back so that you can consciously choose a new story. 


When you start with the inner work, that’s when you can truly build something that is fulfilling and nourishing. We’ve gotta start at the root. When we do this first, we can truly create from a place of joy and desire rather than feeling like we "should" or "have to." 

Redefining Art, Creativity, and Purpose

“Art isn’t something you hang on the wall. Art is what we do when we’re truly alive.”

Unlocking that inner creatrix energy. 

“A Creatrix is a woman who is deeply connected to herself as a Woman and the Feminine Source of Creative power. She gives rise to desires, gives birth to ideas and life of all kinds.”

Somatic Expression​

Emotions are stored in the body. These are the energetic blockages that are often so hard to describe with words alone. Instead of talking about it, we're going to let the body express what it needs to express.

Playful movement. An exploratory practice. A new way to connect to yourself and your emotions.

Embodying the New Story

It's time to elevate your standards so you can say NO to what you're no longer available for.

Restoring connection to your own intuition so that you can lead from a place of decidedness - moving beyond imposter syndrome and self-doubt, stepping into your full power and self-worth. Full F*ck YES energy!

++ SO much more. Think sisterhood, integrating pleasure with the deep work to make it FUN, activating your magnetism, and moving into grounded confidence in yourself and your gifts. 


Tasha Pruden, Wild & Worthy alum






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You are going to leave this container feeling like pure MAGIC!